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What I have in my Cassette Collection.

Very Necessary

1 Groove Me
1 No One Does It Better
1 Somebody’s Getting On My Nerves
1 Whatta Man
1 None Of Your Business
1 Step
2 Shoop
2 Heaven Or Hell
2 Big Shot
2 Sexy Noises Turn Me On
2 Somma Time Man
2 Break Of Dawn
2 I’ve Got AIDS (PSA)

Assault With A Deadly Pepa

1 Intro Jam
1 A Salt With A Deadly Pepa
1 I Like It Like That
1 Solo Power (Let’s Get Paind)
1 Shake Your Thang
1 I Gotcha
1 Let The Rhythm Run
2 Everybody Get Up
2 Spinderella’s Not a Fella (But A Girl D.J.)
2 Solo Power (Syncopated Soul)
2 Twist And Shout
2 Hyped On The Mic

Salt-‘N’-Pepa Hot, Cool and Vicious

1 Push It
1 Beauty And The Beat
1 Tramp
1 I’ll Take Your Man
1 It’s All Right
2 Chick On The Side
2 I Desire
2 Showstopper
2 My Mike Sounds Nice

The Hits Remixed

1 Push It
1 Expression
1 Independent
1 Shake Your Thang
1 Twist And Shout
1 Let’s Talk About Sex
2 Tramp
2 Do You Want Me
2 My Mic Sounds Nice
2 I’ll Take Your Man
2 I Gotcha
2 You Showed Me
2 Get Up Everybody

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