Rodeo, Blue

Blue Rodeo
Looking for an ‘official’ website? Try here: Blue Rodeo website
A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – BLUE RODEO)
Blue Rodeo is a Canadian pop and country rock band, which was formed in 1984 in Toronto, Ontario. They have been signed with Warner Music Group since their debut album Outskirts in March 1987. Including Outskirts, they have 12 full-length releases along with multiple solo albums, side projects, and collaborations.

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What Blue Rodeo music I have in my cassette collection.

Diamond Mine

1 Smells
1 God And Country
1 How Long
1 Blues Piano
1 Love & Understanding
1 Girl Of Mine
1 Diamond Mine
1 Now And Forever
1 Percussive Piano
2 House of Dreams
2 Nice try
2 Fall In Line
2 One Day
2 Florida
2 Fuse
2 The Ballad of the Dime Store Greaser and the Blond Mona Lisa

Lost Together

1 Fools Like You
1 Rain Down ON Me
1 Restless
1 Western Skies
1 The Big Push
1 Willin’ Fool
2 Flying
2 Lost Together
2 Where Are You Now
2 Last To Know
2 Is It You
2 Angels


1 Heart Like Mine
1 Rose-Coloured Glasses
1 Rebel
1 Joker’s Wild
1 Pirahna Pool
2 Outskirts
2 Underground
2 5 Will Get You Six
2 Try
2 Floating

5 Days In July

1 5 Days In July
1 Hasn’t Hit Me Yet
1 Bad Timing
1 Cynthia
1 Photograph
1 What Is This Love
2 English Bay
2 Head Over Heels
2 Til I Gain Control Gain
2 Dark Angel
2 Know Where You Go/Tell Me Your Dream


1 Til I Am Myself Again
1 What Am I Doing Here
1 5 A.M. (A Love Song)
1 Montreal
1 Last Laugh
2 Trust Yourself
2 Two Tongues
2 Time
2 After The Rain
2 You’re Everywhere

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