Loggins, Kenny

Kenny Loggins

Back To Avalon
Kenny Loggins
1 Nobody’s Fool (Theme Song from Caddyshack III)
1 I’m Gonnaa Miss You
1 Tell Her
1 One Woman
1 Back To Avalon
2 She’s Dangerous
2 True Confessions
2 Hope For The Runaway
2 Isabella’s Eyes
2 Blue On Blue
2 Meet Me Half Way

Return To Pooh Corner
Kenny Loggins Return To Pooh Corner
1 All The Pretty Little Ponies
1 Neverland Medley:
1 Somewhere Out There
1 Never Never Land
1 Pure Imagination
1 Return TO Pooh Corner
1 Rainbow Connection
1 St. Judy’s Comet
2 The Last Unicorn
2 Cody’s Song
2 The Horses
2 Love
2 To-Ra-Loo-Ra

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