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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – LIVE)
Live (play /ˈlaɪv/, often typeset as LĪVE) was an American rock band from York, Pennsylvania, composed of Ed Kowalczyk (lead vocals and guitar), Chad Taylor (lead guitar), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass), and Chad Gracey (drums). Touring members have included Ed’s younger brother Adam Kowalczyk as a rhythm guitarist, British keyboard player Michael “Railo” Railton, and guitarist Christopher Thorn of Blind Melon. Live achieved worldwide success with their 1994 album, Throwing Copper.

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What Live music I have in my cassette collection.

Throwing Copper

1 The Dam At Otter Creek
1 Selling The Drama
1 I Alone
1 Iris
1 Lightning Crashes
1 Top All Over You
2 Shit Towne
2 t.b.d.
2 Stage
2 Waitress
2 Pillar of Davidson
2 White, Discussion

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