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Me and my Currituck

I play badminton in the winter and soccer in the summer, take photographs whenever and wherever, and like to get out in my sea/touring kayak from time to time. Of course, I like to travel and so does my camera. With each outing, my series of available travelogue presentations increases, especially when international travel is involved.

If the weather is nice, then I hope I’m out photographing something interesting!
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More about Ron

Ron has an interest in theatre, was Founding Director of the Amateur Cumberland Theatre Society and served for a period of time as the Northern Area representative for the Eastern Ontario Drama League. Educationally, Ron has a BSc and an MBA in Finance/Marketing.

Ron has long had an interest in photography and traveling and since retiring from a position of Director, Client Services, has had more time to devote to both activities. Now retired from his regular career, he is spending more time on his photography. Ron is definitely 50+ and is now being asked to show his i.d. again!!! – to verify that he qualifies for advertised discounts :-)!

The advent of the digital SLR camera, and the ease of the internet blogging process, has provided a venue for sharing of Ron’s photography and travel experience at the local, national and international level. Ron enjoys adding insight into many of the subjects that he photographs and, wherever feasible, adds an educational component to the postings. Ron continues his interest in public speaking with a series of entertaining and informative travelogue presentations. His individual photos continue to be in demand, with frequent requests from publishers, individuals, and both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises. A significant number of Ron’s bird photos are in on-line databases with international scope. Ron has been approached about developing some tour packages. Nothing has been finalized in that regard but he is considering some options.

About MegaPixelTravel: Our current project involves consolidating 10,000+ on-line photos into the blog format of the www.megapixeltravel.com website. Work continues on that project with new material, as well as material previously posted elsewhere, being added almost daily.

Visitors from 91 countries have visited this profile page since we installed a page counter. The number of visits to our blog itself have now passed the 120,000 visit mark and monthly averages continue to be robust. Our photos on our Flickr sites established a number of years earlier have now been viewed in excess of 1,000,000 times!!!  Thanks everyone for coming back from time to time and thanks for telling your friends about our blog. Graeme and I both appreciate your visits, your comments and your feed-back.

Now on Facebook: Ron Hay

           Land Battle  - Battle of the Thousand Islands 250th Anniversary Commemoration - Fort de la Presentation - Ogdensburg, NY

I appreciate the comments on my photos and travel blogs and am happy that modern technology allows me to share these around the world. I enjoy taking photos of many interesting things especially natural life all around me. Sometimes my images will reflect my sense of humour. Hope they make you smile.

For those who are allergic to Poison Ivy or think that they or their friends might be, see information and my photos of Poison Ivy in this Poison Ivy tutorial.

Our uploaded photos are copyright © all rights reserved. Please don’t use them elsewhere without our explicit permission. We will be happy to provide a cost estimate based on your intended use. Trying to reach me – my photo, travelogue and blog related e-mail is: ShutterNclick@Bell.Net

Original files are Nikon RAW. Prices that you find here are a starting point for discussion of the final price for any given use. We are not currently set up for on-line sale of prints will consider selling prints on a one-off basis at a minimum starting price of $10 for an 8×10 to cover our costs and time.

Thank you.
Best of life to all and keep your cameras busy in 2013 regardless of what style or brand you might be using. I’m presently using a Nikon D300 and considering upgrading to a D800 and looking at waterproof options for when I’m out on the water.

About the Music Cassettes: Over time, Ron has accumulated a significant number of music cassettes which he listens to while processing and uploading photos. Tough to tell what genre of music he might be listening to at any given time but if it’s on cassette you know that it is at least 5 years old! :-). One of Ron’s other rainy-day projects is to photograph the cassette inserts and include them along with a track list as an easy reference point for those who have an interest in ‘older’ music.



9 Responses to About Ron

  1. Ann Cameron says:

    Hi Ron,

    I have added your website to my favourites and will be checking in periodically for updates.

    • Ron says:

      Thanks Ann. I’ll try to get shots of more than just wild animals when Graeme and I are in Kenya/Tanzania. One of the downsides of travel is the shots, vaccines, etc. Needed to get shot for Yellow Fever so got that last night. I think I’m up to date on all my shots now, I hope :-).

  2. greg says:

    Hey Ron love the new blog. I have not been using flickr as much and putting more time into blogging. Enjoy your trip.

    • Ron says:

      Graeme is doing all of the behind-the-scenes design work on our blog.

      I’m having fun posting blogs of many, many past events as well as things as they happen to happen.

      I like Flickr for certain reasons but really enjoy the ability to more easily intersperse text, story, information and generally just about anything I want into the blog format.

      Enjoyed a short look at your blog and will be back again for sure. BTW your yellow evergreens among the green are tamaracks (larch), that lose their needles each Fall and then burst out in a beautiful fuzzy new light green growth in the Spring.

  3. Fantastic photos..as usual, by a ..50+..

  4. anne fossiano says:

    thank you for your card..your work is truly stunning. i’ll ckeck back for the sunrise at trapp’s, but even if you slept in ..again i thank you for allowing me a little time to see such splendid pictures of our world.

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  6. Aaron says:

    Ron — great blog and photos as always, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me and I wish you the best in your future!

    • Ron says:

      Thanks Aaron. It’s lots of work Graeme and me but fun to know that others are enjoying what we photograph and write. Best of success with your blogging development.

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