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Flickr Account Deaths…

July 3rd, 2019 No comments

So a lot has changed in the photography world but one noticeable change has been Flickr’s severly limit free accounts. In reality it was inevitable and I’m not surprised it happen, although the way they handled it was surprising.

Despite the fact that my father and I had paid for Pro accounts for a long time, we had long ago relished back to free accounts. To put it mildly we saw a significant drop in views from our posts and the photography community that had grown around Flickr had long moved to facebook.

Yahoo (who owned Flickr) has not be a big mover and shaker in the marketplace of online images, and Flickr really hasn’t changed over the years and became scattered when other social media competition rose up, like and Twitter/Facebook and now Instagram. In addition we had our own site ( and the now defunct to show our portfolios and images along with more in-depth content.

So with Instagram taking off, Flickr became another Social Media Zero (before “Social Media” term was coined) to fall. Its still around, but all the free accounts, including our own have been limited to 2000 images (or whatever the limit was…). I’m sure this move reduce Flickr’s costs significantly, and perhaps even boosted review as photographers scrabbled to save their online portfolios and upgrade to paying packages. But the majority I suspect having long moved off the platform let it lapse.

So moving onward and upwards with the trends I’ve opened a Instagram account etc. I thought about the handle for a while (that hashtag name) and given I’m working on a new more multi-media company (film, photography, astrophotography, art, and maybe even some music) in addition to occasional updates to this site when I board an aeroplane more immediate updates will be Ember Sky Media #emberskymedia on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube etc. as much as I can manage them.

Because Flickr is dead and Social Media 3.0 is just around the corner…

International Fireworks Competition at Lac Leamy

August 14th, 2011 No comments

Since returning from Italy three weeks ago,  I have had my camera out of its bag only twice. When I saw Wagboy’s fireworks photos in  a Flickr posting, I decided my shutter finger needed some exercise and off I went to photograph the fireworks competition at Lac Leamy.  Missed a turn and ended up on the wrong side of the Gatineau River but found a spot with no crowds and no parking hassles. Couldn’t hear the music but lovely wide angle view of the fireworks. Remembered a few things from our fireworks tutorial and forgot a few things :-).

Posting a few shots from the fireworks before heading back across the river again to play a 6:30PM soccer match in Gatineau. It’s an OT6 Division game against the Hull Albatros team on Mont Blue Field #2 by Ecole Secondaire Mont Bleu. The average age on the field will be about 40-45 y.o. so if you happen to be in the area, stop by and look for the oldest guy on the field! After the match, I’ll need a rest to recover from that and then the next day everything hurts, etc.  Age.  Ain’t it wonderful!

For those who are following my uploads from my Italian trip, I hope to finish those uploads next week and for those who are waiting for my to upload the Ogdensburg re-enactment photos, those too will hopefully be on-line next week.

International Fireworks Competition at Lac Leamy without the music.

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Ottawa Flickr Outing

October 22nd, 2010 No comments

A nice group of about 25 Ottawa Flickr photographers got together at a local restaurant tonight to discuss just about anything but mostly just about anything camera related.

My preparation for our upcoming trip took a turn for the better when I located an old field guide that I had for the birds of East Africa.

I was able to fit in a bit of badminton today without twisting an ankle or knee but decided, earlier in the day, that I wouldn’t participate in my normal Thursday afternoon indoor soccer match. I figured playing soccer before a trip might be tempting fate just a little too much.

My bags are almost packed. I had decided to take my black fleece just in case it gets cold at night. Mentioned that to someone tonight and they immediately regaled me with stories of their friend who had worn a black fleece on a trip to Africa and found that it attracted every bug in Africa. Hopefully I don’t suffer the same fate.

Let the safari begin :-).

Ottawa Flickr Group outing – Pub Italia

October 15th, 2007 No comments

My first pub night with this group. A nice mix of individuals. Digital is in. Film might be out. Everyone has an opinion. Of course, I think my new Nikon D200 is great. Others tout Canon as the best. Pentax latest digital sits proudly at one table. Many others waiting for the next announcement to upgrade. The flexible Gorillapod is the latest gizmo to compete with the standard three-legged tripod. A bit of beer is consumed but not too much. Most would prefer to save their pennies for the next photographic offering.
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