Kanata Badminton Club 2014 AGM

Kanata Badminton Club 2014 AGM

Traditionally, the Kanata Badminton Club’s Annual General Meeting has been held in Tommy’s restaurant at the old town center. This year, the meeting had to be delayed a couple of months while renovations at the restaurant were underway. Happily, the renovations were finally completed and we could have our meeting.


As a club with about 140 members, the club operates during the winter months utilizing the facilities of two local schools in Kanata, Ontario. Since the City of Kanata amalgamated into the City of Ottawa a few things changed but the Kanata Badminton Club still operates much the same as it did many years ago when I first became a member. Over the years, my ability to see the bird has diminished somewhat and, with each passing year, the entry players seem to be a bit younger :-).  It’s a community based recreational club and it’s still a fun way to survive the winter months.

Kanata Badminton Club Executive 2014 – 2015

This year’s executive should have an easy year as usual even though it will once again be a year with some changes :-). Maybe, my play will improve and I’ll be moved back to the competitive red level again!

Kanata Badminton Club website.

014_1097-table 014_1107-table 014_1108-AGMOnce again there was a good turnout for the AGM.  Prizes were distributed to the winners of the various tournaments held at the club and a few speeches were made.  Other than that just plenty of food, laughter and good times to end off the season.

014_1124-prizes 014_1127-prizes 014_1130-prizes 014_1132-prizes 014_1135-Ashok-Shaw

There are various types of speeches made at a KBC Annual General Meeting but when Alex stands up with a grim look on his face and begins to give his Treasurer’s report there is a sort of hush over the crowd.  Of course when he breaks out into s big smile and says that the club is good financial state, everyone relaxes and starts to eat again.

014_1122-finances- 014_1101-Alex

014_1120-food 014_1118-table

014_1116-table 014_1115-support

A few more shots around the room.  Missed a few of the tables but tough to eat and shoot at the same time :-).

014_1128-Shaw 014_1112-table 014_1111-table 014_1110-table 014_1107-tableWhether long time members or relatively newer members, I think that  a good time was had by all and the Past-President gets to return for another year as Past-President and I will continue to advocate for my red dot level! Time to sign up  again for another year of fun.

014_1105-table 014_1100-Smiles



A sure sign that I am hitting the bird too hard!!!


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