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The Supermoon arrived on time :-).

Standing by the side of the road waiting for the supermoon to rise.

Graeme and I discussed where the moon would rise and decided that we might have a nice clear shot from the hill by the campground looking out to the east over the Ottawa skyline. As we crested the hill, we came upon a wonderful collection of individuals, tripods and cameras and many cars parked on the side of the road. I guess we weren’t the only ones with the same idea :-).

As the time for the moon to rise grew closer, the number of moon watchers continued to grow and everyone patiently waited until the orange glow peeked its head above the horizon.

Then the scramble to point the cameras in the right direction began in earnest :-).

Once I had at least one shot with the 300mm +1.7x extender, I switched to my 28mm wide angle to show a different perspective of what we were looking at.  The Queensway traffic whizzed by, likely completely unaware of the twenty or more people pointing cameras across the highway and over their heads.

Graeme has posted Photos from his telescope of the supermoon on the next page!

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    I’ve added a second page with my set of photos.

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