Mud Lake, Nepean, Ontario – Flickr Ottawa Outing

Mud Lake, Nepean, Ontario – Flickr Ottawa Outing

Mud Lake is a small body of water near the shore of the Ottawa River.  It is an ideal spot to view warbler migrations in Spring and, throughout the rest of the year, a great spot to find Wood Ducks, Mallards, Great Blue Herons and the occasional Night Heron and Green Heron.  What one might or might not see on any given day is highly variable.

The waters of the Ottawa River were surprisingly high this day compared to other times that I had visited the area and so, as others focused their cameras on birds in the trees, all I could say was, “Wow! Look how high the river still is!”

Ready! Aim! Fire!

This day, a group of Flickr Ottawa photographers took a bit of time to wander around the area with cameras in hand. Natascha managed to attract a following of a pair of Mallard ducks so they became the object of some focused attention.
The Two Ducks The famous ducks

There weren’t many warblers around this time out but the Chickadees were still interested in eating seeds of of peoples’ hands.

Feeding the Chickadees




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